JackyWorldwide is a facilitator for car hire/vehicle rentals and we are able to offer you reasonable prices.

Make sure of the following:

  • This is in essence ONLY to be used for a rental period for less than a month, i.e. daily or weekly.
  • You NEED TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD to make this reservation.
  • You can ONLY take delivery of the vehicle at the designated point of arrival and no deliveries can be made at another location.
  • The security deposits vary between vehicles and you must make SURE what the amount is.

Contact us by sending an email to support@jackyworldwide.com or call +971 50 206-0646 and let us have your request/requirements. We are also on Whatsapp.

However, in the event where you do want to book a car for less than one month, you can use the automated system directly.

Self Help Car Hire

Do you need to hire a car in the UAE?

Need it for less than 1 month?